What if you could think like a marketing expert simply by adding value to your customers every day? And without having to find more time.

Hi! I’m Margarita and I got this!

I’ve spent my entire career in Marketing, but it wasn’t until I focused on the customer’s experience that it became effortless. Marketing isn’t about what you “should” be doing. It is about meeting your customer where they are, providing the value they need, and showing up where it matters to them.

I help established small businesses who want to spend their time making their customer’s lives better do just that by providing the marketing plan they need for their business. I’ll do the research and the heavy lifting up front and teach you how to use it so all you need to do is put the plan into action.


Here is what I am really good at:

·      Really listening. I can put myself in others’ shoes and understand what they are going through.

·      Connecting the dots. I am observant and see the big picture and the details simultaneously, allowing me to see connections that others often miss.

·      Solving problems. I am not just a doer. I want to get to the root of the problem to improve it.

·      Planning. I have a PMP certification and am a mom. I know how to break down the steps, make a list, and create a plan that is easy to stick to.

·      Making things simpler. I do the research so you don’t have to. By using the customer experience to plan your strategy, we can ensure everything you are doing has a purpose and you know what that is.

·      Doing what I say. I have high standards for my work and like to give 120%. I also value dependability- if I commit to something, you can bet it will get done.

·      Always smiling and staying positive!


Still curious?

Here’s the official bio.

Margarita Finley is a Marketing Strategist with a passion for Customer Experience. Prior to starting her own business, Margarita did marketing for Harley-Davidson, Kellogg’s, DishLATINO, Bridge Linguatec, and numerous Aimco apartment communities. She has Marketing and Psychology degrees from Notre Dame and a Masters in Customer Experience Management from the University of Denver. Today, Margarita focuses on bringing customer experience thinking to small businesses in order to simplify their marketing efforts. Margarita lives in Denver with her husband and two boys and loves to dance, work out, and eat great food.